Emails is restricted and support team wont respond to my ticket for last 8 days

Posted August 16, 2017 2.2k views

Support is horribly slow and irresponsible.

Our outgoing emails are blocked without any notice and support team wont respond for more than a week. We run a food delivery platform and without outgoing email its in complete mess.

I dont know why support wont reply to the ticket. I strongly recommend people not to signup for their service for serious business. I think support team doesnt give priority to small droplet owner. or they want us to move away from them.

Its really horrible. I will move out soon but not with current mess. Hopefully some one reading this from DigitalOcean and come to rescue me.

[#501801] Outgoing emails not working


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If email deliverability is so important to you, why don’t you use a service like SendGrid?

And why is it so ? Why do I need to pay for another service ?
Is that an excuse to block the email service ?

I may move up to something better once I start generating revenue from the platform.
In fact ditch digitalocean and move to EC2. At least amanzon support responds to your query within 24hrs.

I am so, I wait for 3 days but no continue answer. Email cannot send to my custumer from Droplet. My ticket #515054

so many people facing similar problem. I think we should get early warning if something seems to be out of norm. Suddenly restrict and it takes forever to lift the restriction.

Such unfair practice. I am moving out of DigitalOcean once I am out of current mess. its not worth of any cents. Cheap . so what if it doesnt work ?

It’s nothing to do with digitalocean, it’s however you’ve setup your postfix configuration. Just to add also that Amazon support will not help you set it up since its not a managed server, if you would like managed servers because you can’t handle them yourself then not even amazon is the right option so I suggest looking elsewhere but expect extremely higher prices.

  • Also just to add, you’ve given us no logs whatsoever so there’s no way of us finding out whats wrong. All we’ve been told is that it doesn’t work which is pretty useless information.

I hope you’re not a employee of Digital Ocean. If you are then you should bite your nail and check the ticket.

Otherwise I would like to share that digital Ocean support itself confirmed that outgoing email has been restricted for my droplet. After that no update on the ticket. Since this frustrated thread. Please don’t teach me what Amazon support would do when you can’t even resolve an issue.

  • No I’m not an employee but I’m simply using common sense. Most likely you can go into your logs for postfix and find that there’s an error which you or a sysadmin can fix. I don’t need to teach you what companies do when they clearly state on their sites that they’re unmanaged. Check blacklists also for your ip, if so snapshot your droplet and make a new droplet with the old snapshot to get a different ip. This would be the easiest fix possible if your configurations are not the issue.

Apologies for the heated response. It really affects me by restriction on email. Attached is the screen shot of the mail log.

I am not expert but something seems to be not right. It was all good.


Little update, after digital ocean removed the restriction everything seems to be okay. So it was due to restriction in place.

I have a similar problem. I have 2 droplets and one was abused from outside. DO shut off outgoing mail, which is fair enough.

They also shut off outgoing mail on my other droplet, which was not abused or a problem. Apparently they just shut off all droplets on an account. This makes me very mad.

My tickets have been open, and ignored, for over 8 days now. The problem droplet has been fixed, I think. But it seems like incoming mail is also off so I really can’t test or monitor it in order to be sure it’s fixed. Meanwhile I can’t send mail from my primary one which was never a problem.

Their response time is abysmal, to the point that their droplets are close to being unsupported products. At this point response times are not days, but weeks. Assuming they respond at all, which I am still assuming.

Write to

Now I am moving to Amazon. Enough of them. I think DO don’t care about small owners like us. Good luck!

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