emails with multiple domain setup not delivered

August 18, 2014 2.1k views

Hi guys,

I installed ISPconfig using a tutorial that’s available however I’m not receiving any email to my additional domains. I know that DO is managing my DNS records so no DNS setup should be required in ISPconfig but is it necessary so the postfix will receive my emails?

thank you!

tutorial I followed:

2 Answers

I used this tutorial a year ago to set up multiple domains to one server(for email):

puts the users, domains and such in a mysql database. Works a treat! I have been adding and removing domains for the last year with no problems.

If you installed ispconfig it will replace the that you created using the DO tutorial. Ispconfig places all users in mysql database. No /etc/postfix/virtual is used for example. Should get you working correctly. I have been using ispconfig for over a year for my server.

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