Enabling the welcome message when logging in via SSH

December 16, 2015 3.1k views
Linux Basics

So when I first created my first droplet on Digital Ocean i had a pretty nice and useful message when logging in to my droplet, but meanwhile I messed something up and can't find what I did and how to change it back as it was.

The image included show the new droplet I created moments ago, and on the right the old droplet I have.
All those nifty information is gone on my old one and I have no idea how to get them back. If someone can help me I would really appreciate it!


1 Answer

It's called MOTD (message of the day). It's generated by update_motd by running all the scripts found on /etc/update-motd.d/.

I'm not familiar with how and when it runs, but apparently it might be invoked by a PAM module (pam_motd) by ssh after a successful login. Perhaps PAM is disabled on your sshd config?

I'm using mosh instead of ssh and apparently it doesn't display motd either.

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