encrypted filesystem

April 10, 2013 6.5k views
Is it possible to use an encrypted filesystem? If not, is the capability on the roadmap?
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We do not encrypt the file system of your virtual server as any encrypted system has to pass through encryption and decryption on writes and reads which would add a significant amount of overhead.

You could look into encrypting your files inside of your VM and see if there are any guides that you could perhaps follow online.
I understand the necessary overhead, but there are several applications where it is useful or necessary. For example, encrypting a database at rest. Pre-encrypting files doesn't help for that use case.
Edit: What about as an option? You can run an encrypted or unencrypted file system?
Bump. I am interested in this as well. Is it possible to use dm-crypt or fuse from our VPS's?
I also need some solution here.
Would be awesome to have this as an option when spawning new Droplets.
+1 after the news telling "DigitalOcean leaks customer data between VMs" http://hn.meteor.com/posts/6983097-347bd
I understand the overhead, but simply i need it, or i can't use digitalocean for my vms
Sorry to roll this up again, but is it possible to switch to a custom kernel or initrd? I didn't find an option for this. This would make things much easier.
Unfortunately that is currently not possible, Josef.
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