Error 502 after resetting SSH password

July 13, 2018 735 views
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Today I've reset the SSH password because the previous developer wouldn't give me the password, but now the website shows a 502 Bad Gateway error.

The website is deployed on DJango.

Any ideas please? thanks in advance :)

3 Answers

Recheck your configuration and make sure everything is working fine for you. Go step by step. Thanks

Thanks for the post here. 502 error will be the worst in almost all server cases. we really want to get rid from those all types of errors to be success online. jio pos app
This fault may not be occur in future and sometimes this will effect our website optimization process.

To get fixed those error password while you are setting new, you should have the email address correct spelt and will get a link to reset, after resetting when you get 502 error, then check all those settings, like ssl regitration, itl key etc and it will be resolved. Then still getting the error, you can contact the support section of the server, and they will help you.


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