Error configuring Ghost in Droplet

November 25, 2017 158 views
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After creating a Droplet with Ghost 1 clic install, I'm trying to use the instructions for configuration using the manual "How To Set Up the DigitalOcean Ghost One-Click Application for Ubuntu 16.04"

When using the "ghost install" command all seems to work fine until I get the error:

A ConfigError occurred

Error detected in the undefined configuration.

Message: Port ´2368´is in use.
Configuration Key(s): server.port
Current Value(s): 2368

And it stops before going to configure Nginx and the Ghost instance can be accessed only with the IP, not with the domain name.

Any suggestion? How can I solve this issue?

Thanks for any help!


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    Came here looking for a fix. Same issue for me.

    I found a work around for now:
    Follow step 4) of the older version of the same guide

    I changed the port from 2368 to 2369 and I was able to proceed with the setup

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  • Thanks!

    After working with your suggestion, I found an easier way to do the install without other port.

    Just stop the Ghost instance with "ghost stop" command before using the "ghost setup" command and the configuration finalizes as expected.

    Later, at the end of Step 5 in the new DigitalOcean guide, to the question "Do you want to start Ghost?" reply Y.

    This is working for me in a new droplet.

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