Error: Core OS refused my SSH-Key

Posted September 10, 2014 12.6k views

for days i try to make a Core OS Droplet.
But always i get an error:

What i am doing wrong?
On my Ubuntu Droplet the key work fine.

Carsten from Germany

  • Having same problem, I just opened a support ticket.

    OK just saw responses below, works using username ‘core’ instead of 'root’.

    Once you’ve logged in you can use 'sudo -i’ to become root.

  • PLEASE add this to the FAQ or display it when creating the droplet. It will save people a lot of time!

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Hi ,

With CoreOS droplet installation, the user to use is ‘core’ not root.
Seeing your picture shows you are trying to connect with UNIX user 'root’.

You should try connecting with UNIX user 'core’ instead.

Hope this helps



Here’s another one, fortunately after recreating 1 droplet, went looking for community help before re-creating 5 droplets. :)

How is this not prompted next to the ‘This distribution requires an SSH Key.’ message when creating a droplet? Also, it should have a link out to this thread or some documentation describing it.

Wouldn’t take more than 10 mins for a UI developer to make that change. And would save hundreds of users time and effort for something that isn’t obvious.

So… I got to about 6 droplet creations over the past 6 months until I found this thread.

Could be an exaggeration. While I really like DO, and some of the slick APIs and web consoles.... This issue is beyond stupid.

I haven’t checked yet but maybe CoreOS users would know this right off the bat, but as a new user, with DO’s handy web interface, we novices make this simple error EVERY TIME.

Yep they do … here.

You already have the ‘This droplet requires an SSH key’ notification in the webpage. It would not be that hard to fix this, especially 6 months after being reported.

Please help the novices out on this small issue, to get them up and running on CoreOS. Then point them over to DO’s great guides for CoreOS, and the CoreOS documentation.