Error creating machine from api

August 20, 2013 4.5k views
Hi, I triggered the creation of a new machine from the api. However the machine status is showing up as "archive" and the machine is not coming up. {"status":"OK","droplet":{"id":388939,"name":"SG-doreplica1-239","image_id":636963,"size_id":62,"region_id":2,"backups_active":false,"ip_address":null,"locked":false,"status":"archive","created_at":"2013-08-20T01:35:36Z","backups":[],"snapshots":[]}} Any thoughts on why this might be happening? regards, Dharshan
2 Answers
"... the machine is not coming up." Where?

If you go to, does the machine show up there?
Status: archive means the droplet is destroyed. The creation event probably failed -- please open up a support ticket.
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