Error: Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey)

February 8, 2017 23.7k views
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I am trying to get my first website up and running. I have followed all of the original steps given and eventually things went downhill when I began trying to paste in my public key into ’.ssh/authorized_keys’
my problem is I apparently can’t copy or paste, because for some reason that isn’t a feature. I think my last issue is potentially it wanting that public key in the file? But I’m really not sure, I’m just following the instructions on the main page. The part i get stuck at is ‘option one’ is,

Option 1: Use ssh-copy-id

If your local machine has the ssh-copy-id script installed, you can use it to install your public key to any user that you have login credentials for.

Run the ssh-copy-id script by specifying the user and IP address of the server that you want to install the key on, like this:

ssh-copy-id demo@SERVERIPADDRESS
After providing your password at the prompt, your public key will be added to the remote user’s .ssh/authorized_keys file. The corresponding private key can now be used to log into the server.

but it isn’t working and gives me errors that have to do with not being a root user. I then reset my normal users password and then reset the root password? if that is even a thing? and then it let me take root control again, but ended up going wrong for reasons i’m not sure as to why. Any advice is appreciated being that I am just trying to make a simple portfolio site as I am a current CS college Student just trying to upload a simple portfolio page. Thanks for reading.

4 Answers

edit file /etc/ssh/sshd_config
set PasswordAuthentication yes

it works

зачем вообще это придумали???
если мне понадобится безопасность я сам ее включу

скоро наверное тест ДНК нужно будет сдать чтобы к своему серверу подключится

What username are you using? It should be root.

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