Error establishing a database connection

August 16, 2016 1.5k views
WordPress Ubuntu 16.04

After getting the Wordpress successfully setup, I have uploaded a theme to /tmp/wordpress/wp-content/themes. However, the uploaded theme does not show up in my Wordpress.

Desperately trying different methods, I accidentally entered sudo cp -a /tmp/wordpress/. /var/www/html again in the command list. Afterwards the website is down, and will show Error establishing a database connection & HTTP 500 Error. The condition remains the same after switching off and on the server again.

Is there anyway to solve the problem? I didn't backup and don't want to setup everything again...

2 Answers

I followed every steps in "How To Install WordPress with LEMP on Ubuntu 16.04" and was successful.

Just after I messed with the FTP and commands that the site went down...

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