Error: watch closed before UntilWithoutRetry timeout

July 3, 2019 300 views
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Hello Developers,

We are working on a requirement of deploying our application using Helm,

Our chart includes a job (pre-install hook) which setups the DB and which is fairly time consuming(takes around 1 hr to complete). When we install the chart with a timeout of 7800 sec (2 hrs approx). The helm times out with the following error.

Error: watch closed before UntilWithoutRetry timeout

Gone through various blogs on Git hub and seen similar issues logged. But couldn’t find any concrete solution.

Has anyone come accross such situation while using Helm.

PS : Tried with latest available version of Helm/Tiller and Kubernetes.

  • Though not an ideal solution, could two separate charts allow you to work around this? If you had the DB setup as an independent chart and the rest of your application as another chart. I am no helm expert unfortunately but that may be an option I try as a workaround.

  • @amolai Did you figure out a solution? I am in the same boat. Just raised an issue with helm if you are interested.

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