/etc/hostname and /etc/hosts

June 3, 2015 3.4k views
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When I set up a droplet I was "lazy" with naming. Now my hostname is "First.com". And there are two websites on the server (NGINX).

I want to change hostname from "First.com" to Production. But I am slightly lost since two FQDN are pointing to the same machine.

Should I do as following:

change in /etc/hostname to Production (as from now it was First.com)
(* this one for me is logical *)

change in /etc/hosts: SITEA.COM SITEB.COM
(now it was First.com)

I am especially lost by this loop-back.

Or should I do:
(real-ip) SITEA.COM
(real-ip) SITEB.COM

Or should I just Production


1 Answer

If u said your server in nginx web server. Its better you set your domain to DO nameserver and pointing domain to A - "ip address" and setup your nginx config with different domain.

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