/etc/subdoers busy try again later

August 21, 2014 28.6k views

I got an error /etc/subdoers busy try again later when i try to access the visudo command. Please can anyone help me how to resolve this issue?

  • type “fg” to return

  • I’m having the same issue. I ran sudo visudo once, and then pressed Ctrl+Z. After that when I again ran sudo visudo it said visudo: /etc/sudoers busy, try again later. I tried running killall visudo but it said -bash: killall: command not found nor did sudo killall visudo work as it said sudo: killall: command not found

  • @lordmasternew, thank you for your help. fg and then visudo again.

3 Answers

Hi ,
when i tried all the solutions above ,but does not change the result to have this error.
Just turn OFF the terminal,than turn on .It works.

Had you already run visudo ? That error indicates that the file is already being edited. First stop the other process with:

killall visudo

Also run visudo -c to make sure that the sudoers file was not corrupted.

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