Everytime I log in to DO I'm requested a vertification code

Posted August 2, 2017 7.3k views

And get an email that says “Your sign in attempt seems a little different than usual…” Is it normal?

Ok, I can’t really assure this has happened everytime but I don’t remember a time when I was logged in straight in with my username and password.

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Hi @decimoseptimo

Are you using connecting via VPN/Tor/proxy, when logging into your account?
Or are you using incognito every time you login?

I’ve never seen this, but I’m using the two-factor-authentication (2FA).

EDIT: Or are you connecting via mobile network, which might be throwing around it’s IP-addresses, which triggers DigitalOcean’s security system.

I’m also having this situation, I thought this is normal since I’m new here. When I close my browser it will automatically logged out from DO, have to login again each time, and sometimes I have to use verification code, maybe twice a day it asking verification code.

the same… furthemore code not valid often, no matter how often i ask to resend it

Same here. What’s going on?

Same issue. I wan know how to close it.

I found an easier solution. I just stopped using Digital Ocean. I moved all 35 of our servers to Vultr and problem is solved.

DO shouldn’t be implementing security that blocks me from accessing MY DATA unless they are sure they know what they are doing. They clearly don’t and I don’t trust them because of it.

EDIT: btw.. this has been happening since email verification was implemented. This is not a new problem.

I’m having the same problem. I’ll file a support ticket, but for the sake of those searching the forums for keywords, here is the full text of the messages on the DO login page and in their email messages. This way a search for any piece of text from those messages should pull up this thread.

Here’s the message as it appeared on my browser, from the web page “”.

    Verify it's you
    We've sent a verification code to your email.
        Enter the code from the email in the field below.
    Enter 6 digit code
    [x] Trust this device for 60 days
    Didn't receive an email? Try again or contact support

Here is the first email message:

    From: DigitalOcean <>
    Subject: Please verify that it’s you
    Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2019 19:27:18 +0000

    Please verify that it’s you

    Your sign in attempt seems a little different than
        usual. This could be because you are signing in
        from a different device or a different location.

    If you are attempting to sign-in, please use the
        following code to confirm your identity:


    Here are the details of the sign-in attempt:

        Wednesday, October 10/09/19 at 14:27 CDT
        Location: US
        IP Address:
        Operating system: Ubuntu Chromium 64-bit
        Browser: Chrome

    If this wasn’t you, please reset your password.
        Like always, if you have any questions please
        respond to this email to open a support ticket.

    Yours securely,
    Team DigitalOcean

I logged out, closed the browser, and tried again. Despite a time difference of only a few seconds, I got an identical message on the browser (“Verify it’s you…We’ve sent a verification code…”). A few minutes later, a second e-mail arrived. The second email was identical to the first, except for the six-digit code and these three lines:

    Message-Id: <30039865.20191009193644.\
    Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2019 19:36:44 +0000

        Wednesday, October 10/09/19 at 14:36 CDT

Good luck to those who are also having this problem. Again, I’m handling it by filing a support ticket.

UPDATE: Apparently the problem is that ad blockers can also block DO’s “Trust this device” function. Here’s the full text of the reply that I got on my support ticket:


Thank you for reaching out to us. The  "Trust this device
for 60 days" won't work if you are using an ad-blocker on
your browser. We do apologize for any inconvenience device
verification may cause.

The only way to disable device verification is by enabling 2
Factor authentication on your account. We also recommend 2FA
in the interest of the security of your account. You can find
more details about this here: https: //

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I don’t recall turning on an ad blocker on my Linux Chrome (chromium-browser), but maybe it’s enabled by default. I don’t care enough to set up 2FA, so I’ll continue to paste in verification codes on the rare occasions when I want to log in to DO.