Excute a command in linux without keeping on the server

June 25, 2017 914 views
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Hello everyone i want your help about inputing a command in ubuntu terminal but i am in trouble because i want keep open my terminal. Has any way how to solve this so to keep excuting for example this ./hldsrun -condebug -console +ip -port 27015 -game cstrike +map dedust2 +maxplayers 32 +exec server.cfg +fpsmax 100 +alias fpsmax wait +systicrate 100 +alias systicrate wait +svvisiblemaxplayers 32 +alias svvisiblemaxplayers wait.
Thanks for replying :)

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hansen June 25, 2017
Accepted Answer

Hi @ymeriergi
You can run it within the screen command:

screen halflife ./hlds_run .....


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