Exim/Vesta not forwarding email from a specific domain?

March 12, 2015 3.4k views


I’ve got a new droplet up and running, using the Vesta control panel - mostly just to try it out. Seems pretty good for most things, so far, except one: it’s having difficulty forwarding email coming FROM my primary email address.

Config is, roughly:
primarydomain.com: Removed all mail options, MX records etc - I’m using Google Apps for my email.
testdomain.com: Has a single email forwarder, fwd@testdomain.com, which is forwarding to a gmail account I created specifically for testing.

When I send from myemail@primarydomain.com, via gmail, the server receives the message (I can see it in Roundcube) - but it never forwards to mytestaccount@gmail.com.
When I send an email from myworkaddress@mycompanyoutlook.com, if forwards no problem.

I don’t doubt it’s because primarydomain.com and testdomain.com are sharing a server - but I can’t figure out how to fix this.


1 Answer

So.... several hours - and re-installs - later. Was right all along.

Always check the spam folder in the final destination’s mailbox.


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