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September 20, 2018 755 views

Can I increase memory without initializing an existing server?

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You can login to the control panel to and click on resize to change the size of your Droplet.

However, increasing the size will require the server to be rebooted so that the operating system can recognize the new resources associated with your Droplet.

I was looking more into this issue and it appears as though it is a default inside the JVM. When I began h2o straightforwardly in Java I could go in the direction - Xmx32g and it increased the memory. I could then interface with that h2o occasion in Rstudio and approach the expands memory. I was thinking about whether there was an https://www.assignmentprofs.co.uk/ approach to change this default an incentive in the JVM and permit more memory so I don’t need to initially begin the h2o occurrence from the order line at that point interface with it from Rstudio server.

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