Explain payment timeline please.

April 30, 2015 1.5k views

I’m member Since 02/28/2015.
For initail usage of $5 hosting plan I entered the promo code for $10 credits.
And than I entered credit card #.
At this time 04/30/2015 my creidit is $1.59.
So. When My credit card will be charged ?
05/01/2015 or 06/01/2015 or some else date ?
and which amount will be charged ?
$5 i suppose or ???


1 Answer

Having a credit card on your account is a post-payment option. Each month on the first of the month you will be charged for any balance due (though if the balance is less than $5 this may not occur). Based on what you have described you should not see any charges on your card until 6/1

  • Thank you vere mach. Your answer give complelty clear vison on DO’s payment policy

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