Extra bandwidth what will happen?

April 13, 2016 9.6k views
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Hello, What will happen when I exceed the limit of 1TB on my small droplet?

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nothing currently, they dont even count the first 1TB

@wiak is correct. At this time we are not yet charging for bandwidth overage. This is planned to change in the future but not without a notification to customers first. Currently there are no charges or other restrictions for going over your bandwidth limit. Users who are using a lot of bandwidth overall however may be reached out to to ensure other users sharing the same hypervisor do not see any degradation in service. The rule of thumb is to avoid anything which uses over 300mbps on a constant basis.

  • It’s now close to 2017, I am wondering what is latest policy update regarding this.

    • We have not made any announcements on billing for bandwidth overages. This information is still correct as of today.

      • so basically we can exceed the allowed bandwidth limit (I use $10 package and my limitation, as the package states 2TB per month? ) and still not subjected to any additional payment? I saw in somewhere one of the mods states something about not exceeding 300mbps. so as long as we keep the bandwidth usage under 300mbps, we can use as much as bandwidth?

        • Currently we are not enforcing bandwidth limits or billing for overages. This will change in the future though a date for this has not been determined. Before it does, all users will be notified.

          • wow that’s cool, but I don’t think I may exceed 2TB unless I got a heavy DDOS attack.

Is this no charge for bandwidth overage still in effect? Did I miss any announcements?

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