Fail2ban and Centos 6.4

May 8, 2013 3.9k views
Hi All, Search the whole internet but no sollution. Suddenly my fail2ban does not work anymore. Read some problems with Centos 6.4 updates. Have uninstall fail2ban and reinstalled. See whats happend when i start out of the box. Nothing... so my custom filters/actions will also not work. What can i do? Does somebody have same issues and solved this?
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Haven't dived into this issue in detail but have you looked into the following bug report on github?
Hi Raiyu,

Have seen this link and did not work. Have registered to the site and put the whole testcases log to them.
Hopefully they can support me. And you thanks for replying.

After the latest Kernel update (8may) and a firmware i did a reboot and fail2ban was working again...
So my problem is solved, but i do not know if this was the because of the kernel update or the reboot i did.
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