Failed to start ghost.service: Unit ghost.service not found.

October 7, 2016 186 views
Ghost Ubuntu 16.04


Ubuntu 16 showed me that there was some update, so I updated it. Now whenever I am trying to start the Ghost service I get "Failed to start ghost.service: Unit ghost.service not found."

But when I go to Ghost folder and "npm start --production" it, it works.

Any idea how to get the "sudo service ghost start" working?

  • Can you clarify a bit. Were you using the Ghost one-click based on Ubuntu 14.04 and upgraded it to ubuntu 16.04? Did you install Ghost manually on a 16.04 droplet and if so, what steps did you follow to do so?

  • I think I resolved it. Something must have happened while updating the package. All I had to do was sudo dpkg --configure -a. Then it was up and running.

    Just to answer your question I used Ubuntu 16.04 Ghost one-click to make the droplet (5 months ago I guess). Then I got a notification - New release '16.04.1 LTS' available - So I did - do-release-upgrade - to upgrade it. Then my laptop got disconnected from Digitalocean, so I reconnected then everything was normal. Then I tried all the stuff what I told you already in the question above.

2 Answers

I encountered the same problem after upgrading my droplet to Ubuntu 16. I solved it by adding a systemd service configuration for ghost.

I created the following file: /lib/systemd/system/ghost.service

With this content

Description=Ghost: Just a blogging platform

ExecStart=/usr/bin/npm start --production
ExecStop=/usr/bin/npm stop --production


This is based on the following systemd script:

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