Notes here that are blocking us from using App Platform.

We use high memory droplets and in current Professional pricing;
a) Comparing to Droplets, 16 GiB Ram is significantly more expensive. It’d be great if we could just select a droplet and pay the price times some multiplier for the management.
b) There isn’t an option with more than 16 GB Ram. We would need more options like it’s here
c) 100 GiB Outbound transfer (even if CDN cache is there) is not sufficient for us and would increase our costs by 5-10x by itself. A better pricing model would be appreciated.

The biggest bottleneck is item c.

Hope this feedback would make App Platform a more viable option for production systems.


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Thank you very much for your feedback. We understand that the pricing compared to droplet pricing can be surprising. The economics of us running and operating the core platform components and systems makes it so that it is not feasible for us to offer the app platform as a fixed management cost on top of the droplet cost. We will definitely discuss bringing larger size plans above 16GB RAM to market. Is there an exact amount of CPU or RAM you would be most interested in? As for the bandwidth costs, due to the nature of our partnership with Cloudflare to offer CDN/DDoS protection/Edge Routing/SSL it is not possible for us to offer the rock bottom bandwidth pricing that we offer today for droplet. I will be sure to catalog your feedback and discuss it with the team as we continue to develop our ongoing roadmap.

  • @phildougherty

    This is the issue, a lot of us don’t care about the CDN, decouple that and increase the bandwidth. Have the CDN be an add-on per 100 gig if that’s the limitation.

    Personally we use our own CDN so this is not needed.

    The 900% increase in bandwidth price is crazy

    • I second that. Many projects need no CDN, so why overpay. I’d prefer CDN as an opt-in priced extra.

    • I agree with this @phildougherty. I should be able to choose if I want to use CloudFlare CDN. Make it a toggle and have it on by default if you want, but I don’t need it and I don’t really want to pay for it. My app is better served using a different type of CDN anyways.

  • I posed a related question, but only found this answer afterwards. I’ll second (third?) the suggestions elsewhere here that the integrated CDN simply isn’t worth it given the significant effective cost increase.

    (For a bit of perspective, under the current scheme, an app platform deployment would pay more for egress compared to an equivalent AWS deployment after the 100GB allotment was exhausted.)

    The node sizing and pricing is honestly a bigger issue for us. We’d like to avail ourselves of app platform ease-of-use, but it’s really hard to justify for our compute-heavy workload vs. DOKS (which is managed ~gratis). Of course that’s a greater burden on us, but there are of course benefits of biting the k8s bullet.