Feature Request: App Platform supports Server-Side-Events

Posted January 30, 2021 486 views
NetworkingDigitalOcean App Platform

A core part of our infrastructure uses Server Side Events for sending uni-directional messages to our clients, and distribution to other processes. Though on the app-platform requests time out [even when pings are sent] and it can take a while for a ton of messages to appear to the client. It’s almost like the app-platform is caching then, and waiting to send them 5 minutes later – just all at once.

This is very annoying and is making our move to the app platform even more questionable, especially considering the lack of support for CORS include-credentials so we can do requests to different subdomains.


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Hi @sloss196,

Unfortunately long-lived HTTP requests are not officially supported on App Platform as you’ll run into limitations around buffering and timeouts as you can see. We recommend using websockets as a more reliable method to push data from the server to the client.

Could you please expand on the CORS include-credentials bit? Do you mean you need to set the Access-Control-Allow-Credentials header?