Fedora 18

February 12, 2013 7.1k views
I've been running Spherical Cow locally for a few weeks now, which has a some very useful improvements over the previous (firewalld! dnf!). Are there any plans to add Fedora 18 x86_64 to the standard images?
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Personally i suggest to completely remove Fedora off the images :-) Fedora is not ment to be used as server-os but this is another topic and i dont want to start a flamewar here.
Unfortunately some of the less popular and less used distribution aren't getting as much attention which is why some of them are outdated but we are working on getting them up to speed.

As for choice of OS and desktop vs server grade I would agree that is another debate entirely but ultimately use whatever flavor of linux suits your needs.
Thanks for clarifying that, I use Fedora as a development environment because of the bleeding edge official repo. I understand CentOS has some well maintained third-party repos as well. I think keeping Fedora on the image library will keep many people happy. :)
@fs so based on your personal opinion, people that relay and use only Fedora should not be DigitalOcean's clients.

I've been using Fedora (RedHat before it's first release) and never had an issue.

At this moment, Fedora 18 has some nice features over latest CentOS, RHEL and Ubuntu.
All progress on Fedora 18 will be posted on the uservoice thread: http://digitalocean.uservoice.com/forums/136585-digital-ocean/suggestions/3553550-create-fedora-18-images
Fedora 17 is only going to be supported for one more month. So 19 needs to be an option soon
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