File transfer time between servers

April 27, 2018 837 views

I have two servers in Digital Ocean and I needed to send file from one server to another. In this case, is it somehow possible to find out how much time it took to transfer the file? Or at what time I send the file from Server 1 and at what time it was received in server 2?
I am working on live migration in Docker.

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jasonjpeters April 27, 2018
Accepted Answer

scp -Cv file username@hostname/ip:/path/to/destination will compress your files on the fly and provide you with information about the transfer including number of bytes sent, received, and time it took.


Transferred: sent 97614832, received 25976 bytes, in 1661.3 seconds

Hi, thank you very much for the exact answer. I have to ask you another question, do you know why sent data is far larger then received data in this example? What does the term “received” mean here ?

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