file transfer to ubuntu 16.04 is really slow.

October 26, 2018 469 views
Linux Basics Ubuntu 16.04

File transfer to my linux droplet from my mac is really slow, we are talking 2-7 KB/s.
The first few files have a upload file of 500-1000 KB/s.
My internet speed is 35 download and 5.5 upload.
droplet is hosted in germany and im from denmark.

What my command look like

scp -r -v /file USERNAME@HOST:/path

i have added these lines to ssh_config file, because i couldnt upload files to my droplet, so i found this fix on this website

ServerAliveInterval 30
ServerAliveCountMax 5

So my question is: How do i fix this?

This is my first ever experience with linux, so please keep that in mind :)
Thank you for your time.

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  • Any found on the reason? I'm experiencing the same problem. My first upload started at 2,2Mb/s and finished at 400Kb/s, which was acceptable. My current upload which I'm struggling with runs at 40-17Kb/s. I initiated it with the command:

    scp /path/to/my/file USERNAME@HOST:/path

    Any ideas on the subject?

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