Files not persisting with Docker-Compose and Volumes

March 21, 2018 6.9k views
Docker Ubuntu 16.04

I have an api running that needs images uploaded to it.

I've mounted the volume with the docker. When I upload a file and then retrieve it the file is found. If I close the container and re-build it the file is gone.

When I look at the /mnt/poductionvolume/data/ folder the /uploads folder is present but empty.

It seems that the files are not being copied to the mounted volume.

Any help is appreciated.

Docker-Compose File

File  api:
    container_name: api
    build: ../Indy-Distro-App/indy-distro-server
    restart: always
      - API_HOST=${API_HOST}
     - "8888:8888"
       - 8888
      - mongo-database
      - /mnt/productionvolume/data/uploads:/uploads
1 Answer

Not a volumes expert but you may need to define top-level named volume since you want to reuse them.

Have a good read through the docs and the first example.

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