Filezilla keeps asking for password even after providing private key

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I have provided filezilla with my private key that I generated using puttygen. When I was creating the keys I did not create any passwords or passphrases.
When I try to connect to my servery from root on port 22 using Filezilla, I keep getting prompt to enter SSH passwords.
I tried my root password but to no avail.
Why does Filezilla asks for SSH password even though I have provided the private key.

I would appreciate your help.

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You’ll need to create a New Site from you Site Manager and use SFTP.

Connect via SFTP

Open your FileZila program->File->Site Manager->New Site. There you’ll see some fields, fill them up appropriately

Host : Your IP/Domain
Port : 22
Protocol : SFTP
Logon Type : Key File
User : Here set the user where you’ve added your key
Key File : Click Browse and set the path to the file

Once these have been filled, click save and connect to your machine.

Kind regards,
Kalin D.

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