Firewall prevents do-agent from pushing monitoring data

February 3, 2018 1.8k views
Firewall Monitoring Security Ubuntu 16.04

I blocked outgoing TCP connections from the web interface (Networking -> Firewall). Only allowed external 3rd party API ip addresses and DNS.

The problem is that do-agent stopped reporting performance metrics. If I allow all IPv4 outgoing connections everything works fine. But I would like to only premit certain IP addresses for security reasons.

Do you know which IP address do I need to whitelist for do-agent to resume working?

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asb MOD February 5, 2018
Accepted Answer

The DigitalOcean Monitoring agent requires outbound TCP access on ports 80 and 443 to authenticate to the Monitoring service and to send metrics.

The agent need to be able to access the DigitalOcean metadata API at: as well as the metrics service itself at Additionally, in order to allow the agent to update its self

Unfortunately, the IP addresses behind those domains are not guaranteed to be stable. In particular, the repo for automatic updates is backed by an external CDN.

You can find their current IP addresses using: dig +short and dig +short on the command line.

Here is a currently working example:

Example firewall

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