Floating IP for Garry;s Mod server

Posted August 6, 2020 502 views

So, I wanna have a Floating IP over a digitalocean droplet, and everything works fine as in connecting to SSH over the Floating IP, but when it comes to port 27015, nothing.

  • Try running this command

    sudo ufw status | grep 27015

    If you would be so kind as to post the result here that would be helpful. Also what are you trying to connect on that port? I ask because there is any number of things that could be wrong here.

    The port may not be open, the above command will tell us that. It could also be that the program isn’t listening on that port. (Those are the two most common.)

  • Hey @Taux1c

    UFW’s status returned Inactive, and the command dindt return any results.

    I want users to be able to connect to a Source dedicated server through the floating IP. Users are not able to connect through the floating ip right now, they CAN however connect with the droplet IP.

    Edit: But connecting to the console through PuTTY DOES work with the Floating IP

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Hey @ismailnavarone,

@Taux1c makes a great point! It is also possible for the port to be in use from another application. Could you run netstat -tulpn | grep 27015 and share the results (if any)?


  • Hey @denislavgavrilov

    The results returned nothing :(

    • This sounds like maybe there is a cloud firewall with standard ports open. Next I would look under networking > cloud firewalls (it’s in the same section as floating ips just a different sub section)

      Check there and if there is a cloud firewall assigned to the droplet be sure you allow tcp traffic to the port you need.

      From reading the documentation I don’t see any evidence of any cloud firewalls or port forwarding that would be required on the part of the floating IP.

      Could you tell me what kind of connection you’re trying to make on the port? Like ftp, ssh, http, https, mx or a custom software that’s preconfigured for this port? Etc.

      If you try to use this program with the droplet IP address does it work?

      • I dont use the cloud firewall.

        And if i connect over FTP or SSH, it both works with the Floating IP

        If I try to connect to a Garry’s Mod server, it doesn’t work through the Floating IP, it DOES work with the droplet ip.

        • This is intriguing, the only thing I can figure is from my research I have found that a floating IP actually operates on a second internal ip. This means there is a second interface.

          Is there server side software for garrys mod server?

          I ask because if there is it wasn’t listening and I saw no mention of it in their docs.

          If there is and it’s listening on only one interface that would explain this.

          Try typing “sudo ifconfig” and see how many interfaces you have.

          • I have figured it out, the Source Dedicated Server binds the public droplet ip to the server.

            In order for me to connect to the floating IP, I had to make it run over the anchor ip. Stupid me