Floating IP not associated with domain name?

Posted February 1, 2016 5.6k views
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Why the floating IP associated with my droplet is not associated with domain name. When I check my dns / ping my site, it is showing Anchor IP(which is assigned while creating the droplet).

How to associate floating IP with domain name?

(In EC2, If I get a Elastic IP, it is associated with droplet and domain name. Why is DO different?)

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Hi there,

Did you only recently assign a floating IP to the droplet? If so, your DNS records aren’t automatically updated to make use of a floating IP; you’ll need to go to your domain’s page in the Control Panel and manually change the A record’s IP address.

Also, one other possible source of confusion: when a droplet is created, it receives both a Public IP and an Anchor IP. There are a number of different ranges that the Public IP can be in, depending on what region the droplet is in, but the Anchor IP will be something like This is a private network address, meaning you shouldn’t put an IP address starting with “10.” in your DNS records, as it won’t be reachable from the Internet.

I hope this helps, but let us know if you have any other questions!

—Nicholas C.
Platform Support Specialist

  • Sorry. I thought Anchor IP is public IP.
    Anyways, if I assign A record in Domain Registrar to floating IP, it will work fine ?
    Should I add floating IP in DigitalOcean’s Domain Record as well ? Because in the zone file, floating IP is not mentioned.