forget to pay - account droplet deleted

June 22, 2015 5.6k views

I've forget to pay and from today my account is deleted.
Three days ago it was up and running.

Do they still have backups if i pay today? :(

5 Answers

If we don’t hear from you within 24 hours, your droplets will be purged and data will be available for recovery for 72 hours after that for retrieval. If you have any questions about an outstanding balance, how to add a payment option, or about billing in general please feel free to contact DigitalOcean Support.

i have received the email at 3.00 of this morning,
now is 7.45 and i've sent a ticket.

I hope 72 hours will be enough for an answer :(

  • you replied 5 hours after you received their notice
    relax, you have 72 hours which is 3 full days mate - you should be fine :)

my droplet root password forgot have solve that problem and access my droplet

I did my payment through paypal

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