Forgot to take a snapshot before resizing the plan...

January 17, 2016 1.8k views
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Hey, I wanted to upgrade my diskspace and RAM of my Droplet, but I did it following this tutorial here:

Long story short, I forgot to make the Snapshot of my server before resizing but everything seems to still work fine, at least the site still accessible.

Will it last or is only a cache version?! Should I be worried at all or still needs to make the snapshot and redrop it?!

Thanks in advance,

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2 Answers

The steps you linked do not mention a snapshot for the upgrade.

EDIT: You can use the additional steps to gain the disk space of your new plan though

Hello, i have just did the same thing, I forget about snaphot.
Will I loose my data? The IP will be changed and I will have to change dns?

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