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June 16, 2013 6.5k views
Is there a way to search the DO forum and to subscribe to threads of interest?
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This isn't available currently. I recommend creating a uservoice suggestion:
I "subscribe" to threads via, I get an email when thread has changed :)
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Thanks for the suggestions @Kamal & @nicklas. I went ahead and created the UserVoice suggestion (thanks for the votes @jonathan!).

In the mean time, in addition to @nicklas's tip, another useful tip that I learned of in a different forum thread is searching the DigitalOcean forums/website by formatting searches in Google as follows:


For examples:

load balance

It's been working pretty well, so far.
We're going to be adding those features, just focused on the cloud at the moment, but we have some big plans for the community section. =]
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