FQDN for sendmail where I have multiple TLDs

November 26, 2014 1.9k views

When I created my droplet I entered a hostname of "stevetest". Now when I run hostname or hostname -f I get:


When I try to send an email using sendmail I get the following error:

"sm-msp-queue[987]: unable to qualify my own domain name"

How do I fix the the above sendmail error if I have multiple domains pointing to the droplet? I'm not sure how I set the FQDN and/or modify /etc/hosts if I have www.example.com, www.bob.com and www.steve.com all pointing to this droplet?

1 Answer

You can try this first:

sethostname example.com

If that doesn't work, just run this:

hostname example.com

edit /etc/hosts, changing all instances of "stevetest" with your hostname, restart postfix, and you should be good.

I'd still advise rebooting, but that shouldn't be needed.

Also, you may have a file named "/etc/hostname"

If you do, make the change there as well.

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