FRA or AMS - which is faster from Northern Europe?

April 21, 2015 5.9k views
Networking DigitalOcean

So, after the new region in Frankfurt has been unveiled to the public, I’m kind of wondering whether I should create my new droplets there or in the Amsterdam regions? I’m in Norway, and this is where most my traffic will be coming from as well.

I did try pinging both locations without noticing much of an immidiate difference, but I am no expert - so I’d like to pass the question on to someone who might be able to provide some useful input.


2 Answers

When you say you did a ping, you mean you spin a new droplet on each region and then ping from your PC?

Best way to find out is to upload a site, (or a big file) and do some tests, also you can rely on services like Cloudflare to deliver your data from the nearest point to the users no matter where they are from or where your server is located.

I did not create new droplets. Instead, I simply used the Speedtest service DigitalOcean provides. That is, and (+ 2 and 3.)

Although I think CloudFlare is great, it does add an extra step in the request process. The request still has to go to my Droplet in either Amsterdam or Frankfurt from CloudFlare’s datacenter in Sweden (or whatever is closer.) And as we all know - every millisecond counts :-)

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