FreeBSD Droplet Cannot Connect to the Internet

Posted February 7, 2016 8.7k views
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I am running FreeBSD 10.2.
I spun the Droplet, accessed it via ssh, and did the following:

1) cd /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/portmaster/ ; sudo make install clean
2) sudo portmaster -a
3) cd /usr/ports/net/svnup ; sudo make install clean
4) sudo svnup release
5) sudo freebsd-update fetch install
6) sudo reboot

Then, it was not responding to pings, and I could not access it via ssh (additionally, it had no ip address.)

Next, support said I needed to run the following due to a DigitalOcean FreeBSD Provisioning Bug (in Single User Mode):

ln -s /etc/rc.digitalocean.d/[dropletNumber].conf /etc/rc.digitalocean.d/droplet.conf

Now vtnet0 has an ip address, but I have no Internet access, as shown by:

no route to host

At this point support said to ask the community.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Regards, Brandon

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2 answers

Not sure what went wrong with you. This is what I did to set-up my FreeBSD droplet.
Please notice it was done for a 10.1:

sudo portsnap fetch update
cd /usr/ports/ports­mgmt/portmaster
sudo make config­recursive install distclean

Reboot in single user to disable journaling due to a bug in FreeBSD 10.1 with SSD (I suggest you to check if this still apply to 10.2, in fact I’m going to check myself):

sudo nextboot ­-o "-s" -­k kernel
sudo reboot

In single mode:

tunefs -­j disable /

Now we are back in normal mode and we can finish the installation process:

sudo freebsd­-update fetch install
sudo reboot
cd /usr/ports/net/svnup
sudo make config-­recursive install clean
sudo vim /usr/local/etc/svnup.conf   (select the best mirror based on your droplet's location)
sudo svnup release
sudo portmaster ­-L
sudo portmaster ­-a
sudo reboot

Maybe at this point is better to start over with a fresh new droplet.

Anyway, I suggest to use pkg to manage your packages. Building everything may take a very long down time if this is a production machine.



  • Good news, the tunefs part can be skipped as the bug was fixed in 10.2:

  • Sorry, there is a typo (due to copy&paste) in one of the first commands, is:

    sudo make config-­recursive install distclean

    (missing dash in configrecursive)

    • I rebuilt the Droplet and configured it as you described, rebooted, and the problem persists…
      On non-server systems, what would cause this problem? (Aside from router configuration obviously.)

      • I had a similar issue when I executed a system update without proper rebooting (to apply the patches).

        I checked up in my archives and what I did was to edit my /etc/rc.conf file with my interface information:

        ifconfig_vtnet0="inet IP_ADDR netmask 0xffffc000" 

        (of course make sure you place the correct IP_ADDR and ROUTER for your droplet).

        Also, make sure that in /etc/rc.digitalocean.d you have a symlink called droplet.conf pointing to /etc/rc.digitalocean.d/XYZ.conf, where XYZ should be your droplet’s id (a number). XYZ.conf is in the same directory.

        To recreate:

        cd /etc/rc.digitalocean.d
        ln -s /etc/rc.digitalocean.d/XYZ.conf droplet.conf

        Then, after a reboot, everything was working fine. I no longer had this issue, and now I’m also running a FreeBSD 10.2.

        If the problem persists, I suggest to look up for similar issues on, and ask there if nothing else helps.