FreeBSD Droplets with Jails

January 20, 2015 5.6k views


Is it possible to implement Jails in a FreeBSD Droplet? If so, it would be nice to have some guidelines about making it work in a DO host. I´m thinking in using that technology in order to isolate several services (e.g. mail jail, http jail, db jail, etc.)

Thank you in advance!
Juan Carlos

2 Answers

Shouldn’t be an issue to run jails in a droplet and there shouldn’t be anything particular to the DO setup to do WRT jails except perhaps related to networking. See:

for general information on jails. If you can’t get additional IPs to assign to the jails, you could always set them up with 127.0.0.x IPs and port forward to the services in the jail.

Jcamacho, where you able to get NAT'ing and jails to work using the loopback address space? I’ve tried with success using local Freebsd VM’s with jails configured to use dhcp and it works pretty well.

Thanks in advance with any suggestions or hints.

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