[FreeBSD] Lost networking after reboot

Posted November 16, 2020 888 views

So I was going to do update a droplet from FreeBSD 12.1 to 12.2. As a precaution, I shut down the droplet first to do an offline snapshot. Upon rebooting the droplet, I no longer have any network. vtnet0 is “active” but doesn’t have an IP4 address, certainly not the one that DO says is assigned to the droplet. I can’t ping the IP from the outside, nor can I ping anything (, etc) from inside the droplet.

It’s important to note that I have yet to make any changes at this point. All that has happened was the reboot and snapshot.

I found old posts referencing a /etc/rc.digitalocean.d directory with the network .conf file symlink but I don’t have such a directory. But I don’t know if this is current info as the posts were 4 years old.

Any thoughts?

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You can hardcode the IP address information in /etc/rc.conf to confirm connectivity and then troubleshoot digital ocean’s dynamic ip allocation.

Pull up the networking information from DigitalOcean Website/Droplets/Droplet name/Networking.
There you will see, Public IPV4 Address, Public Gateway, and Subnet Mask

in /etc/rc.conf set:
defaultrouter=“[ip address of gateway]”
ifconfig_vtnet0=“inet [ip address] net mask [subnet mask]”

reboot or run /etc/netstart restart

If that works, create a new FreeBSD 12.2 droplet and take a look at its config. You can copy these files:


and make sure that /etc/rc.conf

Finally, if still not working, check the default packages in the new droplet with:
pkg info

and make sure those exist in your existing droplet.

  • Thank you. I had gotten partway into that on my own already but had been trying “service netif restart” instead of “/etc/netstart restart”. Netstart worked, and now it’s online.

    Good suggestion to create a new test FreeBSD droplet to compare to. I’ll try that next. Still leaves the open question why whatever did change, would have changed.

    • Yes, I’ve only lost connectivity after uninstalling pkg jq which was required by the digital ocean scripts. If using ZFS, and can compare current setup to last snapshot.

      Good idea to take a snapshot before/after any major config changes.
      Or add /etc/ and /usr/local/etc/ to a git repo to track changes.

      Good luck in your sleuthing!