Frozen at Starting switch root centos 7.3.1611

July 2, 2017 6.5k views
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I turn off my vps after that i turn on it, but when i see on console, it frozen at starting switch root and i can't access my vps and can't do everything on it, if can't access it, i can do something else to get data on it, bcease i only want to get data on it. Can anyone help me? Thank you so much

1 Answer

Hi @phamphihungbk

It looks like you have a corrupted initramfs. You should open a ticket with support (via the control panel) and request the "Recovery Image".
That would make it possible to boot up the server, but you would probably need to setup a new server and migrate all your data and configuration from the old one - unless you're experienced in debugging CentOS, then you might be able to recover.

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