ftp 553 error cannot create file.

August 5, 2014 12.1k views

Hi I followed this document to set up the vsftpd on ubuntu


I can connect through ftp but cannot upload any file to the server.

I am logged in as a user with sudo permissions.

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I'd strongly encourage you to use SFTP rather than FTP. Check out this article for the details. If you're able to connect to your droplet with SSH, than you should be all set to go with SFTP.

As for your specific question, how are you trying to upload the files? Are you using a client like Filezilla? What folder are you trying to put them? Does your user have write access there?

by Justin Ellingwood
SFTP is a secure way to transfer files between local and remote servers. Much more secure than FTP, this protocol uses an SSH tunnel to establish a connection and uses encryption to transfer files in an interactive session.

Hi Andrew,

I do not have ssh access to my droplet. I am using Filezilla and trying to write into the home folder for my user.

I ran sudo chown root:root /home/cnaptic

cnaptic is the user I am using.

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