FTP Access to Wordpress Install Directory

June 10, 2014 19.7k views
I can FTP to my Root directory but Wordpress is up and running an dI can't get to those directory with the same login/password. Any idea how to get there?
  • hey! once you login using Filezilla, just enter the below path and hit enter in the "Remote site: text box",


    then you can see the <html> folder, navigate this folder where you can see your wordpress installation folders.

  • use this 100% work /srv/users/serverpilot/apps/websitename/public

  • Hello rbiii,
    Your suggestion works very fine for me.
    " use this 100% work /srv/users/serverpilot/apps/websitename/public "

    Thank you.

4 Answers
You Wordpress installation is most likely located in /var/www/ Are you receiving any type of error message when you access that folder?
  • Do you know how long I've been searching for this answer? At least an hour for this specific issue: where the wp-content is on my FTP server. JFC. Thank you.

  • I've spent so much time looking for this answer. Thank you.

Love it! Thanks just what I needed.

Hi There,

This is the same issue, I am facing , I am not able to find the my wordpress root installation folder in FTP.

I can find var but that dont contains the www folder.

Please see my screen shot here.:

Please help anyone.

You just saved my life. Thank you!

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