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September 17, 2013 20.8k views
Hello, i have installed wordpress on my droplet. I have also installed zpanle and configured iptables. I cant get ftp to work through filezilla which is no major issue. But i need FTP to work through wordpress for the uploaded of pictures etc. Can someone please tell me how i can get FTP to work? Do i need to add/remove rules from iptables ?
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sudo chown -R www-data /var/www/html

by Pablo Carranza
This article will teach you how to use Filezilla to transfer and manage files securely on your VPS.
wordpress supports sftp, may as well learn how to get that going than to fix ftp, which is long deprecated, like 20 years ago.
Okay dokey will do. Where/how can i set up sftp on wordpress?
Got it to work :)

@cameron Do I have to do anything besides install the plugin? I’ve already setup my droplet.

You can connect wordpress one-click install, via ssh port 22 using your (private & public) key method .

Hi, i’m also struggling with this issue.
Through SSH i connect with my droplet terminal, no problem.
For uploading files, Filezilla, no problem.

Installed the WP ssh-sftp-updater-support plugin, but i won’t let me in.

Slightly confusing terminology, tried both: FTPS / SSL or SSH2.

I won’t let me FTP to my Droppy.

Please please please 😭

Provide complete guide. Setup digital ocean WordPress FTP & PHPMyAdmin. Please Reply complete guide step by step . Otherwise I am going to shifting Google cloud platform.

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