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December 8, 2016 1.1k views
Block Storage CentOS

I purchased a droplet + 100GB of block storage to do one task: server as a backup server. I am using Plesk on 2 production servers, and their backup utility only dumps he backup to an offsite location via FTP, so I essentially need ftp access into my server to dump my backups. The 20GB that came with the droplet is not enough, so I bought the extra 100GB. Is there a way that I can FTP into the 100GB volume and dump my backups? I followed the DigitalOcean tutorial on setting up FTP, but filezilla won't connect. Any help?

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  • Which tutorial did you follow?

    There would be two ways to provide access to the volume's filesystem.

    1. You could create an FTP user who's home directory is in the filesystem path where the volume is mounted.

    2. You could create a symlink (and ensure the FTP server is set up to allow following symlinks) within your FTP user's directory that points to the volume's location.

    Once we know what tutorial you followed and what FTP server you are configuring we can help you get it set up.

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