Fully propagated domain not reachable through browser.

December 1, 2018 321 views
DNS Apache


I've contacted my domain provider and the dns propagation has completed for my site livestrum.app. However I can't seem to reach my site from multiple networks. I have another site running on the same droplet, and I am able to reach that one.
I used the same dns options for both sites (of course I changed the domain for them).

If you need any more information, just ask ^^

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  • Migrate your domain's dns to either digitalocean's dns servers or cloudflare's dns servers because either your domain provider is lying to you or their dns servers are a bit slow.

    I've noticed that when i input the domain in my browser's URL bar, it redirects me to the SSL version but the ip it points to only listens to the http port(80) so you might want to get ssl working on the server first.

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