Game server and website on same domain - DNS troubles

January 3, 2019 320 views
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I’m triyng to run a website and a game server. Ive got an A record pointing the to a box for the game server and an SRV record pointing to the domain. I’ve got another A record pointing to a smaller box for my website.

All I want to do is funnel the game clients to the game server and serve up a static webpage on any other port.

Obviously, when trying to visit the website without www. it can’t find it. Is there any way I can fix this without putting a prefix on my game server?

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sightak January 4, 2019
Accepted Answer

nevermind. apparently you have to run your website and gameserver on the same box if you DONT want to use subdomains.

When I found this new casino game I faced with the problem with my DNS server On a router. I used DMZ to redirect the local packets to the public and it makes me impossibility to log in on a site but it was working on a mobile version cause of no redirect from there. So maybe you have the same problem with the router settings?

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