Getting apache splash page instead of Wordpress login.

December 3, 2014 15.8k views

Just created new Droplet and when I go to the IP or custom URL, I don’t see the Wordpress login screen. Just getting the Apache installed screen.

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If you installed Wordpress after installing apache on your new droplet you will have to manually remove the default index.html file in the web root before Wordpress’ index.php is used by default.

  • ..I used the pre-configured Wordpress Droplet.

  • Were you prompted for the admin username and password required to complete configuration of the wordpress application image?

  • I finished the resetting UNIX password in Terminal and got my Wordpress password. Just not seeing the wp-admin panel when I go to the URL or IP.

  • On a new droplet created using the Wordpress image the username and password provided while you are logged in via ssh needs to be used to access the Wordpress install to start the configuration. When you browse to your IP address are you seeing the login box?

  • No, thats what I mean. Not getting to the Wordpress login box. Still just seeing the default Apache2 page.

  • By chance has the IP address you are using previously been assigned to another droplet of yours? The default apache page is not present in the Wordpress image so it is possible that you are seeing a cached result. I recommend clearing your browser cache and seeing if you are then able to see the login prompt.

  • I will try it. I had deleted my old Droplet and started a new one with same IP this morning.

  • It worked. Must have been a Chrome caching issue. Thanks Ryan.

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