Getting Ghost to recognize use of www sub-domain and no sub-domain

October 1, 2018 442 views
Ghost Nginx Ubuntu 16.04

I've setup a new Ghost blog on Ubuntu 16.04 at That works fine. However, when I go to I get a screen telling me to setup Ghost.

I currently have a CNAME record directing to
I have an A record for that directs it to by site IP

What I've tried:

1) Add both domains to SSL using certbot
2) Added both domains to Ghost config under servername
3) Restarted Ghost and NGINX
4) NGINX and Ghost config now show: server

I'm stuck now and not sure what else to try. Can anyone help please?



  • This might help.

  • I've restored a snapshot and now the www version doesn't work because I need to re-sort out the SSL certs. That's fine, just letting you know in case you see that in the meantime.

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