Getting Individual User Account Email Set Up

Posted November 5, 2013 3.3k views
I've set up my server with CentOS 6.4 x64 running Nginx/FastCGI and I've created multiple fpm pools and users for each domain. I used the default /home/username/public_html standard since I'm migrating from cPanel and it just seemed easier to manage in the long run. I have no interest in sending email from my box, we route all our email through Mailgun for sending, but recently they ceased allowing local mailboxes on their system, so I need to be able to receive email and store it here on my server. I didn't discover this till after all my users were created. Now, none of them have mail. I removed all traces of any email packages, then started fresh with an install of Postfix, using the tutorial here, and Dovecot from a tutorial on Rackspace. All went smoothly. But ... my users still have no email boxes. I created a mail folder in each home directory ie: /home/user/mail and set those as the mail_location in dovecot. I assumed that when firing up dovecot it would create a default mailbox in those directories, or at least create a mail folder in /etc/skel so that new users would get mail folders, but alas, no. So my question is, how the hell do I get mailboxes set up for my users, I can't even see how a new user would get a mail folder since nothing is added in skel to create it? I've been struggling with this for a few days so any help would be GREATLY appreciated. --V BTW: Admins --- having a preset list of tags is kinda silly. If I can't add a tag for the issue it's pretty hard for people to search for it. ie: Dovecot, Postfix, etc.

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In order to have the per user mail directory created for each new user, you have to set it up in /ect/skel first using the maildirmake.dovecot command:

sudo maildirmake.dovecot /etc/skel/Maildir
sudo maildirmake.dovecot /etc/skel/Maildir/.Drafts
sudo maildirmake.dovecot /etc/skel/Maildir/.Sent
sudo maildirmake.dovecot /etc/skel/Maildir/.Trash