Ghost blog has two addresses on top domain and subdomain, how to unlink one

Posted December 10, 2013 3.5k views
Hello, the question is following: I installed Ghost using the pre-made DigitalOcean's solution (Ubuntu), set up the domain using the DigitalOcean's tutorial, and the blog worked fine. But I would like to have by blog on a subdomain, and I pointed my blog to a subdomain using Ghost tutorial. It works fine, too, but now I have two identical addresses for blog access: and All posts have addresses and I would like to unlink the top domain from the blog and use it without Ghost. I've read all tutorials on Ghost and subdomains here, but my knowledge in this area is very basic, and I'm afraid to screw things up. So probably there is a tutorial on this subject, but I failed to understand it. If so, please provide me a link to it. Thanks.

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Do you want to host the top domain on the same droplet?
Ok, what's the output of
ls /etc/nginx/sites-enabled
? Please cat each file and pastebin it.
Sorry for the late reply. There is only one file in the directory: default.
Link to pastebin:
Oh, and I'm deeply sorry for the plain text instead of the link. I couldn't find the markup reference for posting here.
Are you sure that ghost is running on that droplet with nginx serving it? What program is listening on port 80?
sudo netstat -plutn | grep 80
It seems it is nginx. The screenshot to make sure:
Hmm, I'm guessing that the image doesn't have nginx configured to use the sites-enabled directory. Can you please pastebin /etc/nginx/nginx.conf?
Here you are:
It has to be in /etc/nginx/conf.d/ then. What files can you find in that directory?